In 2016, Thrive was created with the idea of collecting and offering stylish, gently worn clothing, sneakers and accessories to the public. Every year the fast fashion industry in North America alone causes 9.5 million tonnes of clothing into landfill every year, of which 95% could be reused or recycled into new clothing. Less than 1% of it is. Designer brands, rare vintage items, unique streetwear brands, quality clothing and accessories are kept out landfills and resold to consumers who value these goods at Thrive.

Each year Thrive is able to keep hundreds of thousands of pounds of clothing in circulation and out of landfills and upcycle overlooked vintage goods into tie-dye and one of a kind items. As Thrive grows so too does our ability to make a positive environmental impact on the local and global scale.

Giving Back

Each year Thrive donates a significant annual percentage of sales to Charity and collects clothing for nonprofit organizations. Thrive’s Founder Jeff Casler has been challenged by Multiple Sclerosis since 1989, inspiring and leading him to create Thrive Premium Vintage as a way to give back and inspire others.

Thrive is an official partner of the with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society ( Through a combination of donating a percentage of sales as well as converting clothing donations into cash donations, Thrive has been able to contribute over $20,000 to the M.S Society as well as many other charities including Dana Faber, Wahls Foundation, and the Jimmy Fund.

In addition to our partnership with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Thrive works with the Epilepsy Foundation and has donated over hundreds of thousands of pounds of used clothing.

If you have a cause or organization that is meaningful to you, please let us know. If you would like to make a donation to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society you can contribute directly on their website below. 



Donated to National Multiple Sclerosis Society and other reputable charities.

Donation Bins throughout Boston, giving customers a way to discard unwanted items.

Over 100,000 lbs

Clothing kept in circulation every year through donation, resale and sustainable practices.